NIGHTSIDE: The End of Christianity

NIGHTSIDE : The End of Christianity NIGHTSIDE
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Nightside - The End of Christianity
Released: 22.06.2001
1. Call to War (3:31)
2. Ad noctum (6:31)
3. Night's Blackest Shadow (3:06)
4. Summon the Holocaust (4:22)
5. Almighty Andras (The Return of...) (3:56)
6. The Black Legion of Satan (4:02)
7. Demon Metal (3:32)
8. Frost Maiden's Dance (3:10)
9. Under a Thousand Stars (5:48)
10. Where Darkness Shines (3:39)
11. The Almighty Andras (3:21)
12. Battlestorms (4:27)

Compiled from a 1999 studio session and the 1997 demo.

Tracks 1-7 were recorded at Pop Studios, Turku, Finland, during fullmoon of March 1999. Mixed and engineered by Mika Haapasalo and Nightside.
The line-up was: Beleth (drums), Serpent (vocals), Wraith (guitar), Desekrator (guitar) and Z'ildjah (bass).

Tracks 8-11 recorded at Tico-Tico Studios, Kemi, Finland, during 4-6 of May 1997. Mixed and engineered by Ahti Kortelainen and Nightside.
The line-up was: Beleth (drums), Serpent (vocals), Wraith (guitar), Focalor (guitars) and Storm (bass).

CD re-released in 2009 by Black Tower Productions, limited to 1000 copies.

Even though the back cover indicates 12 songs, there are actually only 11 tracks on the disc (the last song from the demo is missing).

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