NOCTURNAL: Arrival of the Carnivore

NOCTURNAL : Arrival of the Carnivore NOCTURNAL
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1.Coven of Darkness (Intro)02:58 instrumental
2.Temples of Sin04:29
3.Satanic Oath01:55
4.Preventive War02:39
5.Burn This Town02:51
6.War of Spirits03:42
7.Merciless Murder02:14
8.Nuclear Strike02:48
9.Victorious Night03:40
10.Awakening the Curse of Souls05:51


Recording information:

Recorded 28 June - 2 July 2004 at Toxomusic studio, Koblenz, Germany.
All songs and lyrics written and arranged by Nocturnal.

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Blackened thrash metal.
Blackened thrash metal.