NORTH: Na Polach Bitew

Label: Pagan
NORTH : Na Polach Bitew NORTH
cd: 11.90€ (Sold out)
North - Na Polach Bitew
Released: 27.10.2006
1. Wojna Trwa (The War Rages on) (6:21)
2. Pamiec Przeszlosci (Remembrance of the Past) (6:36)
3. Dni Miecza (The Days of the Sword) (5:48)
4. Slonca Znak (Symbol of the Sun) (6:59)
5. Religia Klamstwa I Nienawisci (Religion of Lies and Hatred) (6:02)
6. Krew Bohaterow (Blood of the Heroes) (6:32)
7. Na Polach Bitew (In the Battlefields) (3:50)

Songs written between 2001 - 2005
Recorded and Mixed at EVP Studio / ex Gryf Studio
beetween February and August of 2006
Engineered by Aothar and Vermighor
Mixed by Jacek Kurnatowski
Mastering by Aothar
Music by North
Lyrics by Sirkis, Ryszard Berwinski and Roman Zmorski
Logo symbol arms framework by Sirkis
Front cover by Agata Wiliñska

Sirkis - guitar, vocals
Marth - lead guitar
Sebesthor - bass
Helldriver - drums

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