OBTEST: Tukstantmetis

Label: Ledo Takas
OBTEST : Tukstantmetis OBTEST
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English translations (originally in Lithuanian)
1. Spirit of War
2. From the Exhausted Land
3. Bear-Wolves
4. When the Shores Are Fading Away
6. Battle of the Moon Crown
7. Legend about the Fire Heart
8. For Ages...

'Tukstantmetis' was recorded during the time of October 1996 - April 1997 in Studio VYTIS.
"This album is dedicated to one of the noblest Baltic (Haestian) nations - Prussians. They where the first to face messengers of the void bearing Slavs, and christian ticks bringing nothing but doom. They were first to counteract on the 23th of April in 997 AD as they killed the first christian missionary Vaitiekus Adelbertus. They were the first to stumble as well... "

Intro taken from the "Herkus Mantas" movie (1972).

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