PROFANATICA: Sickened by Holy Host

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1. Side A: As Tears of Blood Stain the Altar of Christ 04:02
2. Jehovah Fading 02:01
3. Holy Trinity Done 03:29
4. Side B: Sickened by Holy Host 03:27
5. God Blessed Them 02:48
6. Your Crucifixion Your Death 00:40
7. Adorn His Crown with Maggots 02:23
8. Side C: Intro (Wisdom) / As Tears of Blood... 04:06
9. Jehovah Fading 02:08
10. Sickened by Holy Host 03:33
11. Side D: Your Crucifixion Your Death 00:41
12. God Blessed Them 02:36
13. Holy Trinity Done 06:29


This is NOT a Profanatica album, but rather an intriguing 39-minute DOUBLE CD recorded in two distinct studio sessions.

PART #1 features 5 new songs plus 2 old classics written and recorded by Ledney with a session member. The performance on this work is much like their primitive NECROVORE-ous atrocities committed in the early '90s and allows for safe assumption of what could have been heard on their long-lost album, "The Raping of the Virgin Mary." Meanwhile, PART #2 features the same titles but written and recorded by Gelso alongside the same drums & vocals performed on record #1.

The execution of this session continues in the more musical direction showcased on their first 2 albums and incorporates soundscapes sonically compiled by the late Aragon Amori.

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