PSEUDOGOD: Deathwomb Catechesis

Label: KVLT
PSEUDOGOD : Deathwomb Catechesis PSEUDOGOD
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“Deathwomb Catechesis”, the long awaited debut album from Russian black
metal terrorists PSEUDOGOD! Cover artwork by Antichrist Kramer (SSP) –
interior artwork by Alexander L. Brown (WITCHRIST).
Boundless morbidity, bestial chum, grinding disease, otherworldly dread:
these are the hailmarks of Russian PSEUDOGOD, who’ve quickly decimated the
extreme SatanicBlackDeath scene over the past few years to become one of the
most-hailed bands around. And that horrible splendor will shine even further
with the release of their highly anticipated debut album, “Deathwomb
Catechesis”. Evoking its namesake as well as a host of other nameless
horrors, this work of art drives deep into the mysteries of death, dragging
the helpless listen along as their sepulchral black/death conjures its
spell. Prepare, then, to enter PSEUDOGOD’s deathwomb!
MC is strictly limited for 250 hand numbered copies.

1. Vehement Decimation
2. Malignant Spears
3. Saturnalia (The Night of the Return)
4. Azazel
5. The Antichrist Victory
6. Necromancy Of The Iron Darkness
7. Encarnación Del Mal
8. The Triangular Phosphorescence

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