PURTENANCE: Member of Immortal Damnation

PURTENANCE : Member of Immortal Damnation PURTENANCE
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2.Black Vision05:17
3.Deep Blue Darkness03:31
4.Lacus Somniorum01:29
5.The Lost Memories05:24
6.A Dark Cloud Arises04:06
7.In the Misty Morning04:47
8.Reality Isn't Disappeared05:16
9.Misery of the Rebirth03:37
10.Crown Waits the Immortal03:45
11.John 3:1603:08
12.Apparition of the Mist 01:23
13.A Dark Cloud Arises 03:46
14.Crown Waits the Immortal 03:47
15.Necropsy of Festering Body (Demo) 04:46
16.Cadaveric Mutilation (Demo) 02:26
17.Inside the Crematory (Demo) 04:18
18.Cannibal Souls (Demo) 03:41


Released as part of Xtreem Musics' Xtreem Cult series.

Tracks 12-14 are the Crown Waits the Immortal - 7" EP '91.
Tracks 15-18 are the (#invalid band link ID#) - Demo 1 '91.

Recording information:

Recorded & mixed at MDM Studios March 1992.
Co-Produced by Purtenance.
All music by Purtenance except 4 by Toni Honkala & 11 by Erkki Salo.