SADOGOAT: Cultus Capriea Ebrositatis

SADOGOAT : Cultus Capriea Ebrositatis SADOGOAT
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Disc 1
Side A
1.Intro: Satanic War Engine00:23
2.Female Goat Perversion02:26
3.The Sabbath of the Goat01:20
4.Fragile Being on the Altar02:07
5.Blasting Black Goat Attack01:38
6.There Is No Silence in the Abyss03:30
7.The Weeping of Angels01:28
8.Outro: Raped by the Horny Goat03:29
9.Blasting Black Goat Attack01:55
10.Fragile Being on the Altar02:55
Side B
11.Intro: Perfection of the Pentagram00:28
12.Delusional Necrotic Carnage02:22
13.The Age of the Golden Goat02:47
14.Holocaustal Slaughter of Christians04:23
15.Destruction of All Holiness02:40
16.In a Storm of Hate and Hunger04:34
17.The Rise of Shub-Niggurath02:09
18.Outro: Massive Goat Attack00:33

Disc 2

Side A
1.Intro: Death-visions of Kadath00:48
2.Goatzone Massacre (1944)02:45
3.Permanent Return of Chtulhu02:37
4.Total Human Holocaust02:57
5.Goodbye to the Light00:07
6.Minnesjord (Ildjarn cover)00:53
7.Shub-Nigurrath: The Black Goat01:39
8.Outro: Suicidal Death00:35
9.Necromantic Rites02:45
10.Virgins Goatlust01:46
11.Sadogoat (Impaled Nazerene cover)02:54
12.Morbid Cunt01:52
13.Intro: Satanic Death00:23
Side B
14.Outro: Nuclear Chaos01:11
15.Goatlaw Radiation02:00
16.World Without End02:53
17.Baphometic Goat02:17
18.Intro: Crypt of Beherit01:27
19.The Hategoat Massecre Killing (reh. 1998)01:49
20.Von (drunken Von cover 2000)01:30
21.Black Rites of Goat Blood (unreleased demo 2001)02:17
22.Nuclear Implosion (reh. 2003)02:35
23.Pentagram Goat Rituals (reh. 2003)01:31
24.Satanic Blood (Von cover 2007)02:37


-"Outro: Eaten by the Living Dead" (0:31) is listed as track 11 on Side A of the first disc on the sleeve, but isn't actually on the album.

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