SHEVER: Rituals

Label: Total Rust
cd: 12.90€ BUY»
Release date: May 25th, 2012

1. Ritual of Chaos 08:22
2. Delirio 08:01
3. Je Suis Nee 07:17
4. Souls Colliding 09:32
5. (You Are) The Mirror 07:20
6. Tha He Na Te 09:23 instrumental


After 8 years of existence, a few self released albums and many live experiences (including phenomenal performances at mighty festivals like Roudburn and Doom Shall Rise), Swiss female Doom band shEver joined TotalRust and provided their strongest album so far. "Rituals" is all about Sludgy Doom Death heaviness . It delivers six aggressive pieces that are filled with distorted riffs, crushing slow melodies, guttural female vocals (deep growls, along with some clean vocals) unique atmosphere and throbbing drum & bass. 50 minutes of DOOM brought to you from the deepest forests of Switzerland… For fans of Mythic, Cathedral, Bloody Panda, Sleep, My Dying Bride… You get the picture.