SKYFORGER: Thunderforge

Label: Folter
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Skyforger - Thunderforge
Released: 26.05.2003
1. Intro (0:34)
2. When ?si?? Rides (4:57)
3. The Shortest Night of the Year (5:48)
4. Warlord of the Night Sky (5:34)
5. Long Dance (4:13)
6. Thunderforge (4:46)
7. Oh Fog, Oh Dew (Holy Wedding) (7:04)
8. The Woman of Serpents (6:54)
9. Through the Gates of the World Beyond (5:02)
10. In Darkness and Frost (5:48)


Peter - lead vocals, guitars, pipes, kokle
Rihard - guitars, additional vocals, kokle, acoustic guitar, keyboards
Edgar ''Zirgs'' - bass, vocals, ??ga, mouth-harp
Edgar ''Mazais'' - drums & percussions

Sandra ''Rasa'' - female vocals on track 7
M?ris Jansons - bagpipes on tracks 3 & 5
Imants Vovers - leading vocal on intro of track 2

Recorded and mixed at Phoenix Recording, Riga, Latvia, during the end of 2001/beginning of 2002
Produced by Gints Lundbergs & Skyforger
Recorded, engineered and mixed by Gints Lundbergs
Cover and other paintings by Virsaitis
Witch's Eye Stone painting by Aiva
Background photos by Ieva Zem?te & Ilze Apine
Ritual bonfire stolen from M?nuo Juodaragis homepage (
Design by Peter & Valdis B?rzvads
Layout by Valdis B?rzvads

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