SLAUGHTER: One Foot in the Grave

SLAUGHTER : One Foot in the Grave SLAUGHTER
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1. Evil Dead (Death cover)
2. Legion of Doom
3. Nocturnal Hell
4. The Curse
5. Fuck of Death
6. Parasites
7. One Foot in the Grave
8. Maim to Please / Strappado
9. Tortured Souls
10. Death Dealer
11. Tyrant of Hell
12. Nocturnal Hell
13. One Foot in the Grave
14. Tortured Souls
15. Rehearsal
16. Disintegrator
17. Incinerator
18. One Foot in the Grave
19. Forged in the Furnace of Hell
20. Bloody Karnage

The first 11 tracks are taken from the kult '86 rehearsal previously titled "Fuck of Death" featuring on guitars "Evil" Chuck Schuldiner.
The other 9 tracks are well known as "Nocturnal Hell" EP of 1986 and "Bloody Karnage" demo of 1984.
This deluxe digipak contains rare photos and liner notes from Dave Hewson.
Limited to 666 copies.

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