TAAKE: Hordalands doedskvad

TAAKE : Hordalands doedskvad TAAKE
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1.Hordaland doedskvad I07:43
2.Hordaland doedskvad II06:02
3.Hordaland doedskvad III06:16
4.Hordaland doedskvad IV08:16
5.Hordaland doedskvad V06:03
6.Hordaland doedskvad VI07:17 instrumental
7.Hordaland doedskvad VII09:00


Hordaland is a county in south-western Norway (it includes the city of Bergen). "Doedskvad" means death chant in English.

Recording information:

Recorded at Grieghallen Studio (Norway) in 2004, by Pytten and Steigen.

Guest vocals on track 1 (Natterforst and J. Nordavind) were recorded at Zeitgeist Studio (Norway) by Vrangsinn (Carpathian Forest).

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