THE BISHOP OF HEXEN: Archives of an Enchanted Philosophy

Label: Dusktone
THE BISHOP OF HEXEN : Archives of an Enchanted Philosophy THE BISHOP OF HEXEN
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1.Crossing the Borders Between Light and Darkness02:27
2.The Surreal Touch Between Steel and Flesh04:34
3.Lure My Spelled Emotions05:54
4.Wading Through Sensuous Journeys10:00
5.When a Witch Becomes a Pale Bride07:38
6.Diaries of Primeval Tragedies07:11
7.To Begin the Quest Towards the Noble Dark Cause05:02
8.The Fascinating Installment of Triumph01:58


Cover art taken from a painting by German 19th-century painter Caspar David Friedrich.

Recording information:

Recorded at Eligal/Tsolelet Studios between July - August 1996.
Mastered at Master Disk.

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