THE BLACK: The Priest of Satan

Label: Osmose
THE BLACK : The Priest of Satan THE BLACK
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1.The Beast of Fire01:41 instrumental
2.The Book of Leviathan02:34
3.Towards the Golden Dawn01:51
4.The Sign of the Evil Spirit03:37
5.Lady Lilith02:02
6.Black Blood02:28
7.The Spirit of Solitude02:31
8.After My Prayers04:42
9.The Goat of Mendes02:14
10.The Priest of Satan04:37
11.The Black Opal Eye04:13
12.Whirlwinds Through the Land of Ice06:57


Layout by Analog Design.

The definitive official final re-issue properly redone (Osmose Productions).

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at Underground Studio during April/May 1993.

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