V/A VARIOUS ARTIST: Fantomania Vol. II

V/A VARIOUS ARTIST : Fantomania Vol. II
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1.Troops of Zombies I02:17
2.Troops of Zombies II02:11
4.Leper Mortuary02:12
5.Lucifer Jelenj Meg! (Fantom)02:58
Drünken Bastards
7.Drink with Satan02:46
8.A Sátán játéka (Fantom)03:00
Funebre (Hun)
9.Ilyenek Vagyunk06:53
10.Heavy Metal Revolution03:37
11.Vámpír (Fantom)03:13
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle
12.Soldado Paulista04:07
13.O Soberano Corvo Negro04:09
14.A Arte De Guerra03:45
15.Vampiro (Fantom)02:06
Sacrificial Dagger
16.Ruined Carrion03:31
17.Barbaric Death03:29
18.A Sátán Én Vagyok (Fantom)03:26

Total playing time57:29

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