V/A VARIOUS ARTIST: Retrospectiva Al Metal Chileno

V/A VARIOUS ARTIST : Retrospectiva Al Metal Chileno
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A1 Necrosis – Kingdom Of Hate
A2 Nimrod – Time Of Changes
A3 Massacre – Morbid Death
A4 Rust – Tendencia De Muerte
A5 Dorso – Hidra
A6 Vastator – En Las Frias Paredes Del Nicho
A7 Squad – Cuma Aggression
A8 D.T.H. – Multitudes
B1 Torturer – Kingdom Of The Dark
B2 Darkness – Scream By Pain
B3 In Agression – Genetic In Extreme
B4 Betrayed – You Are A Worm
B5 Belial – Merchants Of Faith
B6 Cancerbero – Carnage Of The Dead

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Limited 12"Gatefold LP images here Front / Back Booklet front / Booklet back
There is a limited deluxe edition which includes a 12" compilation LP (gatefold format) with a killer selection of old school Chilean bands such as Vastator, Torturer, Dorso, Necrosis, Nimrod, D.T.H., In Aggression, Darkness, Cancerbero, Betrayed, Belial, Squad, Rust y Massacre. All track features on this LP have never been on this format before!
216 pages / Spanish written 30 x 24 cm / 11.8 x 9.4 inches Deluxe format.

One of the most extreme South American underground scenes portrayed by its very underground roots. Depicted vividly through many images and photographs never before published, the publication also includes a massive A-Z from all the bands and fanzines that promoted a movement that grew despite the reign of Pinochet's military hostility.
The layout and graphic of every pages was inspired by –now cult- fanzines such as Blowing Thrash, Morbid Visions, Vio-lence, Rattlehead, Censored HM, Insanity and many others….
This is the pulse of death metal bands such as Pentagram, Atomic Aggressor, Death Yell, Totten Korps and thrashing cult acts such as Massacre, Torturer and Necrosis.

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