VADER: Live in Decay

VADER : Live in Decay VADER
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Side A- Live
1.Intro00:54 instrumental
2.Gniew szatana05:11
3.Gi? psie!03:00
4.Trupi jad06:51
Side B- Decay
5.Przekl?ty na wieki05:54 Instrumental
6.Abaddon04:55 Instrumental
7.Tyrani piekie?04:46 Instrumental
8.Necropolis 03:41


Pro Printed cover and white tape. Produced by Vader, all compositions by Behemoth & Vader. Graphic reconstruction by Tomasz "Hal" Halicki.

Recording information:

Recorded by Krzysztof "Kisiu" Wojtkowski at the Sala im. Gotowca - Kortowo in Olsztyn, 12 Dec. 1986.
Tracks "Deathlike Carrion" and "Satans Wrath" from "Side Decay" recorded by Vader.
Last "Side Decay" track - "Tyrants of Hell" - recorded at Rozg?o?nia Radiowa /Polish Radio/ in Olsztyn.
Recording engineers: W. Iliaszewicz, K. ?liwa. Tracks "Przekl?ty na Wieki", "Abaddon" and "Necropolis" were never before released.

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