VLAD TEPES / BELKÉTRE: March to the Black Holocaust

VLAD TEPES / BELKÉTRE : March to the Black Holocaust
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Disc 1
Side A
1.Vlad Tepes - Wladimir's March01:37
2.Vlad Tepes - Massacre Song from the Devastated Lands04:19
3.Vlad Tepes - In Holocaust to the Natural Darkness02:22
4.Vlad Tepes - Drink the Poetry of the Celtic Disciple12:20
Side B
5.Vlad Tepes - Dans Nôtre Chute00:31
6.Vlad Tepes - Misery Fear & Storm Hunger04:10
7.Vlad Tepes - Diabolical Reaps03:30
8.Vlad Tepes - Under the Carpathian Yoke04:14


Disc 2
Side A
1.Belkètre - Guilty06:28
2.Belkètre - A Day Will Dawn03:25
3.Belkètre - Hate03:16
4.Belkètre - Last Sigh of God01:58
Side B
5.Belkètre - Night of Sadness04:10
6.Belkètre - Despair02:38
7.Belkètre - Those of Our Blood04:01
8.Belkètre - If We Had...01:01


"Dans Notre Chute" is French for "In our fall".

Recording information:

Recorded on 4 tracks (Belkètre) and 8 tracks (Vlad Tepes) at the Black Legions studio

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