VSPOLOKH: Sorrow of the Past

VSPOLOKH : Sorrow of the Past VSPOLOKH
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1. Grief
2. Deadly Frost of Oblivion
3. Eternity
4. Long Forest Paths of Rus'
5. Extrinsic Obscurantism
6. The Call

Recording information:

Lyrical concepts is inspired and based upon "Death Of Volkh" story by G. Osetrov.
Final words are taken from writings by Veleslav, but have been changed.
Drums recorded at Vodnik in Winter-Spring 2009.
Music and vocals recorded at Lykantropia Studio in Winter-Spring 2010.
Mixed at Lykantropia Studio.
Mastered at Kalthallen Studio, Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde, Germany.

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