WAMPYRINACHT: Night of the Desecration

WAMPYRINACHT : Night of the Desecration WAMPYRINACHT
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Side A
1. The Fountain of All Sorrows and Wrath 00:36
2. Thorns for My Damnation 06:09
3. Night of the Desecration 11:15
4. My Angel 01:08

Side B
5. The Church of Thorns08:30
6. A Wanderer's Journey... 01:58
7. Hammer of the Angels 07:59
8. ...Towards the Glimmering Star 03:52
9. Of Statues Wrecked and Ruined 00:58


Inside of jacket flooded in black. Includes LP-size lyric insert and poly-lined inner sleeve.

Recording information:

Recorded between October 2019 and September 2020.

Produced, mixed and mastered at the Noisegoat Lair.

Vocals on tracks 2 and 7 recorded at Pentagram Studios.

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