WARWULF: Echoes from the Past Long Forgotten...

WARWULF : Echoes from the Past Long Forgotten... WARWULF
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1.Through the Desolate Stars 03:27
2.From Bones to Ash04:41
3.Perverted Sorrow05:18
4.Wulfschrei 03:12
5.Reigning with Honour and tyranny (Kristallnacht cover)04:15
6.Worshippers Beneath the Black Moon06:41
7.Thy Candles Light My Path...03:44
8.Visions of a Battle That Once Was...03:21
9.Heil the Black Order 05:53
10.Wampyric Curses 07:44
11.Of Night and Fog (Part 2) 04:34
12.Burning the Traces of Your Past 02:37
13.Glorification of War 05:28
14.Embracing the Glory of A. 04:44
15.Upon the Ruins and Ashes of Our Enemies... 03:03
16.Shattered Dreams and Glass 04:23
17.Aigle Conquerant: Titus Victorieux (Siegneur Voland cover)03:17


This 2018 CD version has 17 tracks lasting 52:45, whereas the 2017 vinyl version of the same title (from Humanity's Plague Productions) has only 7 of the 17 tracks, lasting only 35:45, plus 1 exclusive track "Catacombs of Rats". Tracks exclusive to this version vs the 2017 vinyl version are considered bonuses*. All are reissued from earlier releases.

Hand-numbered copies.

Polycarbonate vinyllook-topped CD.

Includes 4-page booklet.

Tracks 1-4 taken from "Wulfschrei" demo (2003).
Track 5 is a previously unreleased Kristallnacht Cover.
Tracks 6-11 taken from "Wampyric Curses" demo (2008).
Tracks 12-17 taken from "Forgotten Dreams of a Lost Empire" demo (2008).