Cryptia records we have:

AHERUSIA And the Tides Shall Reveal the Traces (Cryptia cd+dvd 14.90€ »
AHERUSIA As I Cross the Seas of My Soul (Cryptia cd 12.90€ »
ARCHEMORON Sulphur and Fire (Cryptia cd 14.90€ »
DARKEST OATH Libations to the Ancient Goat (Cryptia cd 12.90€ »
GOSPEL OF GRIEF Our Symbol Is Death (Cryptia cd 11.90€ »
KOLDBRANN Pogrom Pestilent TS L-Size (Cryptia shirt 14.90€ »
KOLDBRANN Pogrom Pestilent TS XL-Size (Cryptia shirt 14.90€ »
MEDIEVAL DEMON Necrotic Rituals From the Unholy Past (Cryptia cd 12.90€ »
MISVITA Axis (Cryptia mcd 4.90€ »
ROTTING CHRIST Satanas Tedeum (Cryptia digi mcd 11.90€ »
THOU ART LORD The Cult of the Horned One (Cryptia mcd 9.90€ »