Guttural records we have:

AVZHIA Immense Dark Sky (Guttural cd 12.90€ »
EQUINOXIO By the Serpent and the Will (For Those Who Chose not to Serve, but to Rule and to Conquer) (Guttural cd 13.90€ »
EQUINOXIO / MORBID FUNERAL Fuck You All in the Name of the Goat (Guttural cd 12.90€ »
FUNEREAL MOON Beneath the Cursed Light of a Spectral Moon (Guttural cd 12.90€ »
FUNEREAL MOON Evil Night of Heresy (Guttural cd 12.90€ »
SHUB NIGGURATH Evilness and Darkness Prevails (Guttural digi cd 14.90€ »
XULUB MITNAL Ba'ate'il (Guttural cd 12.90€ »