Putrid Cult records we have:

BLOOD STRONGHOLD Spectres of Bloodshed (Putrid Cult cd 14.90€ »
CLANDESTINE BLAZE Falling Monuments (Northern Heritage / Putrid Cult lp 19.90€ »
DIABOLICAL FULLMOON The Pagan Wolves Will Rise Again (Putrid Cult cd 14.90€ »
GATES OF TYRANT Vortex Towards Death (Putrid Cult cd 14.90€ »
SINISTROUS DIABOLUS Total Doom//Desecration (Putrid Cult cd 14.90€ »
SZARY WILK Wrath (Putrid Cult lp 19.90€ »
SZARY WILK Wrath (Putrid Cult cd 14.90€ »
XARZEBAAL II (Putrid Cult / Under The Sing Of Garazel cd 13.90€ »