The Oath records we have:

ASKE Forgotten Rites of Blasphemy (The Oath cd 14.90€ »
GRAVELAND Hour of Ragnarok (The Oath digi cd 16.90€ »
INQUISITION Incense of Rest (The Oath mcd 12.90€ »
OLD FUNERAL Grim Reaping Norway (The Oath cd 13.90€ »
PARNASSUS In Doloriam Gloria (The Oath digi cd 15.90€ »
PARNASSUS Let the Stars Fall and the Kingdom Come (The Oath digi cd 15.90€ »
SARGEIST Let the Devil In (The Oath a5 digi cd 19.90€ »
THRONE OF AHAZ Nifelheim (The Oath digi cd 15.90€ »
THRONE OF AHAZ On Twilight Enthroned (The Oath digi cd 15.90€ »