Wotalstahl Klangschmiede records we have:

BLUTSCHREI Voice of the Forbidden Pride (Wotalstahl Klangschmiede lp 16.90€11.83€ »
DRACHENFELS Bow Down Before Death (Wotalstahl Klangschmiede cd 11.90€8.33€ »
FUNERAL (FRA) Black Flame of Unholy Hate (Wotalstahl Klangschmiede digi cd 15.90€11.13€ »
INFERNO / TUNDRA Infernal Belief (Wotalstahl Klangschmiede lp 15.90€11.13€ »
SEIGNEUR VOLAND Black Metal Blitzkrieg (New Era Productions / Wotalstahl Klangschmiede lp 19.90€13.93€ »
SEIGNEUR VOLAND Black Metal Blitzkrieg (Wotalstahl Klangschmiede cd 14.90€10.43€ »
WEDARD / NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION Beyond the Light (Wotalstahl Klangschmiede cd 14.90€10.43€ »