NARGAROTH: Jahreszeiten

Label: No Colours
dlp: 24.90€ BUY»
Released as A5 digibook CD with embroidered logo (limited to 1000 copies) and
double LP limited to 200 red copies, 300 white copies, 100 red splatter copies,
and an unknown number of black copies.

Marcel Happke of the Heavy Metal band Lightningz Edge plays the intro of the
song "Sommer" and the solo on the track "Winter".

Officially licensed by No Colours Records tape release by Metal Throne
Productions (Greece). Limited to only 50 copies.

The vinyl version of this album brings a spoken introduction to every song,
these are read portions of the book "Between the Stones" written by Ash during
the 90's.

Ash doesn't consider this recording to be a black metal album, but a conceptual
musical interpretation of the seasons of human love compared to the seasons of
the year.

1. Prolog 03:01
2. Frühling 10:33
3. Sommer 13:51
4. Herbst 21:59
5. Winter 16:39

Total playing time 01:06:06

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