8thSin started out in 1999-2000 by IT and myself. We released "Sinners Inc" in 2004 and "Angelseed & Demonmilk" in 2005.
Now IT has decided to travel around the world again, and leaves 8thSin with no other option than to dissolve the band, at least for now. Maybe this is only our way of taking some time off, but only time will tell. We were right in the middle of the recording sessions of the third album "Cosmogenesis" that will now face an unknown destiny. I started writing new songs in october 2005 (at the release of the second album "Angelseed & Demonmilk") and ended up with approx twenty songs. After over one year of hard work on the songs we decided on fourteen songs to record. We have recently recorded all those fourteen songs for the album and ten of them were completed with vocals, but four were not completed. We don't know if "Cosmogenesis" will ever be official at this stage.

It's been almost eight (of course...) inspirational years with fun and many creative moments, and i think we did something special with 8thSin. We only listened to our hearts and did whatever felt good, no matter what the media said. We know by the response from the audience that what we did was right. I will miss this, that's for sure, and i would like to take this moment to honour current and former members of the band for all their contributions; Johan, Y, TG, Zack, and of course IT.

Our official MySpace account with bio, pics, lyrics, songs and info will remain live at 8thSin at MySpace
Feel free to stop by anytime. Maybe we will put up some songs from "Cosmogeneis" there in the future.

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Industrial metal by IT of Abruptum.