Black metal band from Norway.
Early-to-mid 90’s one man band/solo project by Inflabitan, later live session member of DHG. Reports of him being an ex-member of Dimmu Borgir are mistaken; but he did however contribute live session guitar/bass for DHG, who once toured with Dimmu Borgir, back in 1998-99. He was also a member of Strid.

The Inflabitan demos were released in 1993/94. A little later, around 1995/96, the labels Ancient Lore Creations/Misanthropy proposed either a split 10” release with Inflabitan and Lamented Souls, or some kind of split with either Lamented Souls, Old Man's Child, Ved Buens Ende or a combination of several of these bands, but these splits never materialized.

INFLABITAN items we have:

Black metal.