BEWITCHED (CHI): The Lucifer's Stardust

BEWITCHED (CHI) : The Lucifer's Stardust BEWITCHED (CHI)
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1. Intro 00:46 instrumental
2. The Lucifer's Stardust 05:06
3. The Sword Of Revenge-Melimoyu 04:04
4. Unveil The nazarene And Unleash The Beast 2009 03:01
5. The Chameleon 2009 08:27
6. The Winter's Rover (Demo 2004) 05:33
7. The Ragnarokk Song (Demo 2004) 02:21
8. Ancient Fortress Evocation 2008 06:02
9. Resistance's Soundscape 04:20
10. Solitude (Candlemass cover song-Live in Valdivia, Winter 1996) 05:15
11. Serene Sorrow (Unreleased Version 1997) 07:01
12. Monarch Of The Mighty Darkness (Covenant cover song) 06:50


Only released on cassette format.
Limited to 300 copies.
It features the last Bewitched's recording available only on the Ajna 3 way split CD released in 2009 by Keltic Records along Ymer Land and Gorjeo Seglar.
The remaining tracks are unreleased stuff and/or released on compilation albums.
The song Monarch Of The Mighty Darkness is a Covenant cover song and it is actually a recording from Mjölner, the darkwave side-project of Doomicus himself, the leader and founder of Bewitched.

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