MOLOCH: Selbstisolation

MOLOCH : Selbstisolation MOLOCH
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Side A - Seite A
1. Einklang 00:31 instrumental
2. Beerdige mich unter Herbstlaub 05:30
Side B - Seite B
3. Selbstisolation (Fallendes Herbstlaub tanzt im Wind) 05:50
4. Ausklang 00:48 instrumental


Picture 7'EP comes with cardboard sleeve.

Some mistakes on cover art/picture 7'LP print are exist. On the cover: Track "Selbstisolation (Fallendes Herbstlaub tanzt im Wind)" on the cover written as "Selbdtisolation (Fallendez Herbstaub tanzt im Wind)". On the 7'LP print: Track "Beerdige mich unter Herbstlaub" written as "eerdige mich unter Herbstlaub".

Recording information:

Vocals and keyboards recorded at Moloch studio - Stronghold of human Depression (Ukraine) by Sergiy Fjordsson. Guitar parts recorded at S.K. studio (Ukraine) by Swjatoslaw König. Bass parts recorded at Necrolab - Produced by Concept Machine i:A (Norway) by Kenneth "Destroyer" Svartalv. Drums recorded at De Opera studio (Italy) by Marco Ceccarelli. Mastering at Eastclan Forge Studio (Poland) by Rob Darken. Final mastering at Moloch studio - Stronghold of human Depression (Ukraine) by Sergiy Fjordsson.

This is a first ever Moloch release recorded with full line-up like an experiment.

Music and lyrics written during the 2011 and recorded between Autumn - Winter 2011. Tracks 1/4 written and recorded in Winter 2012.

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