CULT OF EIBON: Recollections from the Chthonian Empire

Label: Azermedoth
CULT OF EIBON : Recollections from the Chthonian Empire CULT OF EIBON
cd: 14.90€ (Sold out)
1. The Sleeper of R'Lyeh06:48
2. Mistress of the Moon01:22
3. The Final Transformation02:07
4. The Dweller of the Woods04:37
5. Lycan Twilight Sorcery05:19
6. Wolf Blood Communion07:10
7. Xothic Bloodlines04:42
8. Lykauges03:05
9. Dominions of the Serpent Moon05:15
10. Black Mass Inauguration02:27
11. The Gate to Dylath Leen04:50
12. Fullmoon Invocation03:27
13. Breaking the Seal of Koth04:21
14. Epilogue01:13
15. The Dweller of the Woods (demo version)04:41


Tracks 1, 2 taken from the split 7'' with Caedes Cruenta
Tracks 3-9 taken from ''Lycan Twilight Sorcery''
Tracks 10-13 taken from ''Fullmoon Invocation''
Tracks 14, 15 previously unlreleased

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