HELL-BORN: Live St. Paul, MN 11/29/03

HELL-BORN : Live St. Paul, MN 11/29/03 HELL-BORN
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Quote from Pagan Flames' website : Originally formed in 1995-96 (with members of Behemoth and Damnation) Hell-Born was conjured in homage to the golden age of metal - the age of Destruction, Sodom, and Possessed. These Polish warriors thunder forth tracks from both of their albums (as well as one yet unreleased song!) with insidious power and tankard-raising fury. The band sounds immense in this live performance. This will definitely appeal to fans of brutal acts like Unleashed with their powerful, black death metal and no-bullshit 80's thrash attitude. This dvd includes menus with Hell-Born audio. The video uses two separate camera angles for various close-ups and overall band shots. Video is in color and perfect first-generation quality. The audio was captured in digital stereo. The live show is 32 minutes long. Totally essential dvd.
Label : BlackMetalDVDs
Country : Poland

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