MASSACRE: Tyrants of Death

MASSACRE : Tyrants of Death MASSACRE
lp: 19.90€ (Sold out)
Tracks 1-4: Demo 2 (''Chamber Of Ages'' demo)
Track 5: unreleased instrumental version
(recorded during the ''Chamber of Ages'' session)
Tracks 6-8: Demo 1 (''Aggressive Tyrant'' demo)
Tracks 9-14: live 25/5/1986 Rock City, Tampa
Track 15: live, bonus track recorded at the Rock City Tampa show

Vinyl tracklist :
1. Chamber of Ages (Demo 2)
2. Clangor of War (Demo 2)
3. From Beyond (Demo 2)
4. Symbolic Immortality (Demo 2)
5. Cryptic Realm (Unfinished version for Demo 2)
6. Infestation of Death (Live, Side Streets 20.04.86)
7. Aggressive Tyrant (Demo 1)
8. Death in Hell (Demo 1)
9. Mutilated (Demo 1)
10. Cryptic Realm (Live, Rock City/Tampa 25.05.86)
11. Perpetual Domination (Live, Rock City/Tampa 25.05.86)
12. The Traitor (Live, Side Streets 20.04.86)
13. Corpsegrinder (Live, Rock City/Tampa - not listed on the sleeve)

Liner notes include numerous rare photos/flyers from ex bassists Michael Borders as well as interview excerpts from Michael and Kam's interviews on the Voices from the Darkside webzine. This release is officially endorsed by both Michael and Kam.

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