MERCILESS: The Treasures Within

Label: Floga
MERCILESS : The Treasures Within MERCILESS
lp: 19.90€ (Sold out)
Merciless - The Treasures Within
Released: 1992
1. The Treasures Within (4:37)
2. Mind Possession (4:10)
3. Darkened Clouds (3:23)
4. The Book of Lies (4:38)
5. Perish (4:16)
6. Shadows of Fire (4:24)
7. Lifeflame (4:16)
8. Act of Horror (2:28)
9. Branded by Sunlight (4:22)
10. Dying World (4:13)

Remastered and re-released in 2003 by Black Lodge Records with new artwork and with the following bonus tracks:

11. "Book of Lies (demo version)"
12. "Nuclear Attack"

However the last two tracks are printed in reverse order! The bonus tracks in order on the actual CD are:
11. "Nuclear Attack"
12. "Book of Lies (demo version)"

Re-released by Floga Records on vinyl in October 2011, limited to 750 copies (500 black, 250 transparent yellow vinyl) with different artwork, 350g gatefold cover and printed inner sleeve.

Re-released by Temple of Darkness Records on vinyl in November 2011 with the original cover artwork limited to 500 copies (black vinyl).

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