NEBULAH: Dark Deister Demos

NEBULAH : Dark Deister Demos NEBULAH
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1.Black Hand Lie in Wait04:25
2.Cold Time of the Black Winds07:05
3.Journey to Damnation05:21
4.Dance of the Diabolical Shadows05:41
5.Cold Light of the Wintermoon04:54
6.Howl of the Black Wolves06:42
7.Cry of the Winterdemons02:31
8.I'am the Dark Lord03:08
9.Creeping Fog03:35
10.Day of Darkness03:52
11.Pagan Burial04:09
12.The Cold Path of Sorrow06:49



Catalogue numbers:
ANP 010 on disc
ANP010 on spine

Tracks 1-6: Pure Dark Evil Demo '92
Track 7-12: Sceptre of Violence Demo '93

Recording information:

Tracks 1-6: Recorded and mixed in Deister Studio Winter 1992.
Track 7-12: Recorded and mixed in Deister Studio December 1993.