Tom G. Warrior and Martin Ain formed Celtic Frost after the breakup of Hellhammer. Tom G. Warrior was never a real member of Coroner, he only did guest vocals on their "Death Cult" demo tape.

Celtic Frost disbanded in 1993. When they reformed in 2001, they founded their own record label called Prowling Death Records and their own publishing imprint called Diktatur des Kapitals, to gain absolute contol over their music. Later, Celtic Frost and Prowling Death Records signed a worldwide licensing deal with Century Media Records. So the rights for their new material is their own and is released by Century Media.

A demo tape called 'Prototype' exists. Among other tracks, it contains two Apollyon Sun tracks, "Reliquished Body" and "Deep Inside".

Singer and guitarist Tom Gabriel Fischer announced his departure from Celtic Frost on 9th of April 2008, due to "the irresolvable, severe erosion of the personal basis so urgently required to collaborate within a band so unique, volatile, and ambitious." It was confirmed in a joint statement by Fischer and Martin Ain in September that year that Celtic Frost had been disbanded again. Fischer has founded a new band called Triptykon and Ain will carry on in a new project with drummer Franco Sesa.

Unofficial discography:
A Night In The Dark (1987)
Fairy Tales (1987)
Frost of Damnation - Live 2006 Tour (2007)
Rare and unreleased rehearsals (1999)

Birth dates:
Thomas Gabriel Fischer (19th July 1963, Switzerland)
Martin Eric Stricker (18th July 1967, Switzerland)
Oliver Amberg (22nd July 1966)
Stephen Priestly (3rd February 1966)

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Old school death metal.