The band first started off as Kelley's own project Plague Bearer, in 1993 Hurb joined the band with a couple other members and they released a demo in 1993 called Bubonic Death which contained all music written by Kelley prior to the band's formation. It was distributed by Moribund Cult records who have supported the band since the beginning. They soon changed their name to Drawn and Quartered. After that Kelly used the name Plague Bearer as a continuation of his project.

Matt Cason was the bands drummer up to 2002 when the band mutually agreed he should join Serpens Aeon full time.

Members of Drawn and Quartered are in side projects called Winds of Pestilence, and {link Plague Bearer (US)}

The band also recorded a cover of {link Sodom}'s "Nuclear Winter" which appears on the NorthWestDeathFest 2004 Compilation. It is also due to appear as a bonus track on the vinyl edition of "Return of the Black Death".

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