ATHEIST: Unquestionable Presense

ATHEIST : Unquestionable Presense ATHEIST
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Disc 1 (CD)
1.Mother Man04:33
2.Unquestionable Presence04:06
4.Enthralled in Essence03:37
5.An Incarnation's Dream04:52
6.The Formative Years03:30
8.And the Psychic Saw04:49
9.Enthralled in Essence 03:32
10.The Formative Years 03:29
11.Unquestionable Presence 03:55
12.An Incarnation's Dream 04:09
13.Retribution (Instrumental) 03:19
14.Brains (Instrumental) 03:40
15.Enthralled in Essence 03:44
16.Mother Man 04:43
17.And the Psychic Saw 04:37
Disc 2 (DVD)
1.No Truth
2.On They Slay
3.Unquestionable Presence
4.The Formative Years
5.Piece of Time
6.Why Bother?
7.Unholy War
8.Enthralled in Essence
9.Unquestionable Presence
10.The Formative Years
11.An Incarnation’s Dream
13.Your Life’s Retribution
14.And the Psychic Saw
15.Mother Man (partial track)
16.Unquestionable Presence
17.Enthralled in Essence
18.Mother Man
19.An Incarnation’s Dream
21.Mother Man
22.Interview (1993)

Tracks 9-14: pre-production demo 8/90 featuring Roger Patterson.
Track 15: demo 1990 featuring Roger Patterson.
Track 16: drums & bass tracks.
Track 17: rhythm tracks.

Tracks 1-7: Live at the Waters Club (Feb. 9, 1991, last show with Roger Patterson).
Tracks 8-15: Tony Choy‘s first Atheist rehearsal (Spring 1991).
Tracks 16-18: Steve Flynn drum cam footage – Morrisound Studios (Summer 1991).
Tracks 19-21: Live in Bradentown – Tony Choy‘s first show with Atheist (July 28, 1991).

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