BEHEMOTH: Thy Winter Kingdom / From the Pagan Vastlands...

BEHEMOTH : Thy Winter Kingdom / From the Pagan Vastlands... BEHEMOTH
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Disc 1
1.Thy Winter Kingdom05:42
2.The Dance of the Pagan Flames05:19
3.Moonspell Rites08:50
4.Thy Winter Kingdom05:09
5.The Dance of the Pagan Flames05:21
6.Moonspell Rites07:09
7.The Dance of the Pagan Flames07:47


Disc 2
1.Thy Winter Kingdom05:32
2.The Dance of the Pagan Flames05:16
3.Moonspell Rites07:15
4.Blackvisions of the Almighty07:01
5.Pure Evil and Hate03:24
6.The Oak Between the Snows02:38
7.Deathcrush (Mayhem cover)03:38


Recording information:

Disc 1:
All tracks are from the same rehearsal recorded in 1993.
Tracks 1-3 were previously released on tape.
Tracks 4-7 previously unreleased

Disc 2:
Recorded at "7" STUDIO In the Night of September 24.09.1993
Tracks 3-6 were previously released on Demonica.

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