CURSE: Void Above, Abyss Below

CURSE : Void Above, Abyss Below CURSE
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1. Desecrating the Divine Trinity 03:43
2. Void Above, Abyss Below 03:37
3. The Mad Sheperd 02:02
4. Infernal Visions 04:10
5. I'm the Dead Guy 03:35
6. Red Is the Deepest Black 04:27
7. Painting the Devil on the Wall 04:01
8. Hour of the Skull 06:02
9. Priests of the Underworld 04:19


In 2010 Eldur moved to Norway and Daniel Theobal (FORTID) joined on drums. Together they created a different writing formula which turned the project into a whole new direction. The album "Void Above, Abyss Below" was written and recorded within only 42 days. Half of the album was improvised. This proved to be the right step and the future for CURSE.

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