MORBID: December Moon

MORBID : December Moon MORBID
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1.My Dark Subconscious04:29
2.Wings of Funeral03:47
3.From the Dark06:00
4.Disgusting Semla03:21
5.My Dark Subconscious 04:37
6.Wings of Funeral 04:07
7.Tragic Dream / From the Dark 08:33
8.Citythrasher 01:06
9.Deathexecution 04:09
10.Disgusting Semla 02:09


A sample from the 1981 horror movie "The Evil Dead" is used in the beginning to "Wings of Funeral".
A sample from a Swedish TV program is used for the opening of "My Dark Subconscious."

Released also on a split bootleg with Mayhem entitled "Tribute to the Black Emperors" and bootleg split CD with Poison's ''Into the Abyss''.

Compilation of December Moon (Demo) / Rehearsal tracks.

Recording information:

Recorded at Thunderload Studio, in 16 hours, December 5 & 6 Anno Satanas 1987, Stockholm, Sweden.

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