TICKETS: Black Flames of Blasphemy V - 1 day ticket / Friday

TICKETS : Black Flames of Blasphemy V - 1 day ticket / Friday
tickets: 45.00€ (Sold out)
1 day ticket - Friday 14th of November 2014

Fri 14.11.
BEHEXEN (FI) – Exclusive 20 year anniversary gig
DEMONIC CHRIST (US) – Exclusive first performance in Europe 2014

Black Flames of Blasphemy will come once again!
The Fifth part “Madness Continues!” will be held on 14th and 15th of November in Nosturi, Helsinki.
Black Flames of Blasphemy – Part 5 – Madness Continues! – is one of the most outstanding Black Metal Festival in Europe. Visitors will experience fourteen different bands in just two days! Also on thursday 13th of November, PRKL Club in Helsinki will host Warmup event with three bands.
Dates: 14.-15.11.2014
Venue: Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland (Telakkakatu 8)
Doors open: 6 pm.
Doors close: 3 am.
Age limit: 18 years

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