VITTORIO VANDELLI: A Day of Warm Rain in Heaven

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01. Farewell farewell, thou Wedding-Guest
02. Beneath the lighting and the moon
03. My heart as dry as dust
04. The ocean green
05. A sadder and a wiser man
06. The bay is white in silent light
07. The curse in a dead man's eye
08. A day of warm rain in heaven
09. Whispers o'er the sea
10. The death-fire danced at night
11. I killed the albatross
12. For the sky and the sea and the sea and the sky
13. The moment I could pray
14. Singeth a quiet tune
15. Sails in the sun

In this album, the music is ravishing and varied, yet a sense of unity prevails: ambient tunes (where classic guitar arpeggios meet environmental sounds) alternate with timeless ballads; short industrial moments precede ethereal compositions; soft-electronic episodes follow hypnotic lullabies and atmospheric instrumental airs introduce moving sonatas in his unique style. Vittorio plays classic, acoustic, electric and synth guitars together with keyboard pads and rhytmical patterns. He felt the urge to follow the creative processus from the beginning to the end starting from the musical idea, passing through execution and finally reaching recording and mixing.

'A Day of Warm Rain in Heaven' features Francesca Nicoli on vocals, who, thanks to her peculiar talent and artistic personality, has been able to confer even more pathos and strenght to the textures of notes. Her vocal work is the result of a sudden enlightenment after the very first listening of the tracks.