VLAD TEPES: The Drakksteim Sessions

VLAD TEPES : The Drakksteim Sessions VLAD TEPES
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Disc 1
1.Raven’s Hike03:45
2.Abyssic & Funeral Symphony – An Ode to Our Ruin03:50
3.In Holocaust to the Natural Darkness03:01
4.Tepes – The Unweeping08:03
6.Massacre Song from the Devastated Lands04:01
8.Warmoon Lord04:39
9.Drink the Poetry of the Celtic Disciple12:30


Disc 2
1.Dans Notre Chute... / Misery, Fear & Storm Hunger04:52
2.Desecrate Jesus Name05:39
3.The Dark Promise03:55
4.Under Ardaillès Night03:54
5.Twilight of the Black Holocaust05:44
7.Borarp !/Voarmtréèrvèb Uatr Vèrmyapre03:04
8.Massacre Song from the Devastated Lands04:44
9.Emvandre èrkl Vèrhzléyavbtre09:03
10.In Holocaust to the Natural Darkness02:15
11.Raven's Hike04:23


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