CELTIC FROST: Monotheist

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3.A Dying God Coming into Human Flesh05:38
4.Drown in Ashes04:23
5.Os Abysmi vel Daath06:41
7.Domain of Decay04:36
8.Ain Elohim07:33
10.Synagoga Satanae14:23
11.Winter (Requiem, Chapter Three: Finale)04:34


Tracks 9-11 are part of the "Triptych" trinity.

A culmination of more than 4 years of songwriting and recording work, the album was largely produced by the band themselves and financed by their own production company, with additional assistance from Peter Tägtgren during the final recording and mixing sessions at Horus Sound Studio in Hanover, Germany.

The album was released simultaneously in all territories in three different configurations including a limited-edition digipak with different cover art containing the bonus track "Temple of Depression" and a vinyl LP with another bonus title, "Incantation Against You". "Incantation..." was also included as a bonus track on the Japanese edition of the album.

"Incantation Against You" is an a-cappella song (no instruments), it was recorded by longtime female studio vocalist Simone Vollenweider, backed only by a male choir. The song was inspired by Mesopotamian ritual writings of banishment and the “Maklu” text in the Necronomicon; it was written by Martin Eric Ain and Simone Vollenweider.

A video was made for the song "A Dying God Coming into Human Flesh" directed by Jessie Fischer.

Recording information:

Recorded at Horus Sound Studio (Hanover, Germany), Oakland Recording (Winterthur, Switzerland), Celtic Frost Bunker (Zurich, Switzerland), Apollyon Sun Bunker (Zurich, Switzerland), Department of Noize (Kilchberg, Switzerland), FSK-18 (Winterthur, Switzerland), Transmutation (Thalwil, Switzerland), 2002 to 2005.

Mixed at Horus Sound Studio (Hanover, Germany), Oakland Recording (Winterthur, Switzerland), Department of Noize (Kilchberg, Switzerland), summer / autumn 2005.

Mastered at Oakland Recording (Winterthur, Switzerland), November 2005.

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