IMPALED NAZARENE: Eight Headed Serpent

Label: Osmose
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1.Goat of Mendes03:14
2.Eight Headed Serpent02:23
3.Shock and Awe02:42
4.The Nonconformists02:39
5.Octagon Order01:49
6.Metastasizing and Changing Threat02:23
7.Debauchery and Decay03:08
8.Human Cesspool00:58
9.Apocalypse Pervertor01:46
10.Triumphant Return of the Antichrist01:59
11.Unholy Necromancy02:30
12.Mutilation of the Nazarene Whore01:51
13.Foucault Pendulum04:59

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at Revolver studio in Finland.
Mastered at Finnvox studio.

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3 x 12" heavy vinyl in trifold sleeve. Includes a woven patch and a 12-page booklet with old interviews and info. A compendium of all the studio material Barathrum recorded before their debut album Hailstorm, plus the legendary “From Black Flames to Witchcraft” rehearsal all in one set.
Black vinyl.
(Sold out)
Hellenic black metal.

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