SARKRISTA: Summoners of the Serpents Wrath

SARKRISTA : Summoners of the Serpents Wrath SARKRISTA
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Side A
1.Intro02:00 instrumental
2.The Lurking Giant04:33
3.The Gathering of Blackest Shadows05:09
4.Summoners of the Serpents Wrath06:04
Side B
5.Ascending from the Deep06:38
6.He, Who Liveth and Reigneth Forevermore06:50
7.The Sea Pt. 2 (My Cold Grave)06:22
8.Black Devouring Flames04:50
9.Rituals of Flames and Skulls07:55


All songs written by Revenant and Exesor.

Recording information:

Recorded between September and November 2016.

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Occult black metal.
Black metal.