Graveland's style has changed from raw Black Metal on the early albums to a more epic sound which is inspired by Hammerheart-era Bathory. Lyrically, on the early works Darken was inspired by Celtic beliefs, now he's Wotanism-orientated and calls his music Epic Pagan Metal.

The band logo was done by Christophe Szpajdel.

Rob Darken has also collaborated with Absurd, Honor, Veles, Wolfkhan, Fullmoon, Venedae, Woodtemple and Behemoth.

There is also a release called We Shall Prevail Again, released by Selbstmord Records, in 2003.

The song "Spear of Wotan" was included on the compilation The Night and Fog Vol. 3 which was released by Totenkopf Propaganda in 2007.

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Carpathian Wolves - Rehearsal 1993 (Hellfire Records cd 14.90€ »
Celtic Winter (Oriana mc 6.90€ »
Celtic Winter (Warheart cd 14.90€ »
Cold Winter Blades (Werewolf Promotion mc 7.90€ »
Epilogue (Witching Hour cd 14.90€ »
Epilogue / Impaler's Wolves (Oriana mc 6.90€ »
Following the Voice of Blood (Oriana mc 6.90€ »
Following the Voice of Blood (Warheart cd 14.90€ »
Immortal Pride (Oriana mc 6.90€ »
Immortal Pride (Warheart cd 14.90€ »
In the Glare of Burning Churches (Oriana mc 6.90€ »
In the Glare of Burning Churches (Red Stream cd 14.90€ »
Ogie? przebudzenia (Warheart cd 14.90€ »
Pamiec i Przeznaczenie (Warheart digi cd 14.90€ »
Prawo stali (Warheart cd 14.90€ »
Sharpening the Thousand Swords (Those Opposed Records cd 14.90€ »
Swit stalowych ostrzy (Warheart cd 14.90€ »